Saturday, July 28, 2012

Habitat for Humanity Re Store is DA BOMB!

Hello friends!

I am here today with another fun piece to show you.
I am always inspired by Liz over at Liz Marie Blog
Here is a recent transformation she shared.

The storage pieces we were using in our bathroom I have had for almost10 years.
 I bought them for my very first apartment from Dollar General.
 Needless to say, it was time for an upgrade!

I found this piece at Habitat for Humanity Re Store.
 It reminded me of the piece Liz made over!
Too bad they wanted $50 for it. 
I waited and waited and today it was marked down to $30 and was half off!

If you have been a reader of ours for any time, you can guess what happens next :)
Krylon Jade to the rescue!

I love to prime with gray. It always gives me the best results!
This is my spray paint corner on the side of the house. 
Don't you love my neon green spray paint pad? It is just a poster board I use to protect the ground. 

Here she is waiting to be styled.

 Love it!!!!
$15 for the piece + $15 in spray paint = One happy girl!


  1. I love it too! It looks awesome! I may have to join the jade train as everything you do with it looks like it came off a designer showroom!

  2. My daughter and I have been talking about hitting the one here in Houston. Looks like we are going to have to make the drive. Your shelf is amazing!

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the color. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  4. I love this makeover! I also follow liz maries blog.. she is fantastic! I am jealous of all your bathroom storage now! I am so glad I found your blog.. and am your newest follower! If you ever have time I would love for you to check out mine!


  5. Love these furniture flips! Really inspire me to get to work on some of mine. Great blog - found you through the Mingle hop. Got yourself a new follower!


  6. Wow! You really made something out of nothing! Is your bathroom teal or blue... or both?! I am envious of the space and windows in your bathroom!
    I actually just posted about my bathroom update as well. I hope you will take a look!

    Julia from

    1. Thank you! Our bathroom has "sea glass" colors. Tans, creams, blues, and greens. It is so calming and serene.

  7. Love it! Thanks so much for linking up to our Pretty Things Party! I hope you'll be back next week!

  8. This stuff is great, thanks for sharing! I'm dying to go check out our local re-store!

  9. Popping over from Liz Marie! This piece is lovely. Looks great in your bathroom and I absolutely love the color you picked!

  10. Looks great! I found one almost exactly like that for $10.00. It is setting in my garage waiting for a coat of paint. Thanks for the inspiration!


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