Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you. I remember when I got my first follower and now I have 293! WOW just WOW! Thank you all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello friends!

So Pinterest has changed everything, huh?!!
Everywhere you turn, someone is doing something they saw on Pinterest.
While everyone loves to talk about their successful endeavors...
what about the EPIC FAILS?

I know I am not the only one out there with some pretty big disasters!
So I was SO happy to stumble upon 
"This isn't a site to just laugh and make fun of projects gone wrong (although occasionally giggles and guffaws do come out), but also to help troubleshoot and learn from the Pinterest Fails we all have."
Here is a FAIL that was on their blog today. I think this is my favorite Pinstrosity yet...
"Over the weekend I was taking the idea of this pin (http://theparishfam.blogspot.com/2011/01/booya-birdies.html) , but on a bit [of a] larger scale. I had a large cheap floor mirror (you know, the one every college girl has in her dorm), I knew I would never use it again, so I thought well why not break the mirror and use that frame for this project?

So on Saturday I sat outside on our apartment balcony and began smashing the mirror out of the frame using a hammer. In the meantime, my 11 month old son was inside and I had the screen door shut so he wouldn't come outside and get into the glass. My son is in this phase where he recently figured out how to scream. Not because he's in pain or frustrated, he just thinks it's cool the noise that he can make. I didn't think anything of it - he just screams a lot lately. We moms have a gift of tuning out our children at times, right?!

About the time I've finished my very fun mirror smash, my husband is now outside helping me clean up, and 3 police officers show up at our balcony. Our neighbor had called in a domestic disturbance reporting violence and a lot of screaming! Needless to say the police officers had quite the chuckle that all the noise was due to a Pinterest project. My husband has informed me that I'm not allowed to do any projects in the future that involve the breaking of anything :-) The picture I've included is proof of the police officers in our home. I'm holding my son and the officer is waving at him :-) Hopefully the actual project won't turn out to be a Pinstrosity - I'd love to have an epic story to tell about decor hanging in my home!"

Moral of the story, be careful of where and when and how loud you are DIY-ing..."

We have to laugh at ourselves, right? :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's for dinner? Hits and a miss

Hello friends!

Today I whipped up a quick dinner of whatever we had on hand.
I am going to share the hits and misses of this easy dinner.
Believe me, there was a MISS!

Have you seen these??
Ooh Aah Swiss cheese, portabella, and button mushrooms stuffed in chicken!
You just bake them for 45 minutes...more on that later...

I also had some little potatoes and followed the recipe on the back of the bag.
You mix the potatoes with melted butter, garlic, lemon, salt, and Parmesan.

Cover and bake for 30 minutes at 350. 

Then uncover and bake for 10 more minutes.

I wanted to add another veggie so I tried this Steamfresh Garlic Cauliflower.

and voila!
The potatoes were FABULOUS! 
I will be making them again. 
But next time I am going to use Little Mommy, Big Appetites 
technique and smash them and roast them some more.

The Steamfresh Cauliflower was impressive. 
I thought it was going to be bland but it was actually really, really good. 
I will also buy them again!

Now for the chicken. Gee doesn't it look appetizing?
Rubbery, banquet food at best.
Definitely will NOT be buying that again!

Overall, this meal was a hit though. Go me :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Crock Pot Brats!

Hello friends!

Today I am trying out another Pinterest recipe. 
I have found that I have pinned so many recipes from Six Sisters' Stuff.
Have you checked them out yet? They are awesome!

My first Six Sisters Recipe is for
Crock Pot Brats.

This is a great recipe for me because it has 4 ingredients and just a couple steps. 
So I can't mess it up, right?!!

You need:
Package of Bratwurst
2 cups Apple Juice
4 tbsp Dijon Mustard

First, brown the brats in a skillet and transfer to your Crock Pot.

Slice your onion and layer on top of the brats.

Mix together your apple juice and mustard and pour into Crock Pot.

Cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 5-6 hours.
This is after 4 hours on high.

and voila!

I am telling everyone about this recipe because it is THAT good!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Absolutely have to check out this guest post from ABSOLUTELY ARKANSAS!

Hello Friends of Deep in the Heart of Arkansas!
   My name is Kylie, and you can read my blog “Absolutely Arkansas” at absolutelyarkansas.blogspot.com.      

2 Arkansas bloggers...who woulda thunk it!
Over at Absolutely Arkansas we are doing Halloween week,
so I am here to share with you some of my favorite craftiness ;)

 People, hear me. There are few in this world that love the “Ers” as much as me. (September-December) I have a countdown come January 1st, to prepare for the next season. I am not even kidding you! My cheerfulness rivals buddy the elf and my love for fun Holiday décor sometimes can take over my life.
 When I was 18, I moved out of my parent’s house and into a TINY studio apartment. My 1st Christmas rolled around and I needed a TINY tree. So I bought a little 4 footer and absolutely loved it.
 We then upgraded, and for the past few years have had 2 trees.
 This Halloween rolled around, and while I was in the Attic fighting off mice, and kicking the tale of any dust myte that looked my way, I had a light bulb moment. I am going to make a “HALLOWEEN TREE!”. I mean Christmas trees are the best part of Christmas right? Why the heck not make a Halloween tree to pose as the fabulous focal point in your Halloween home. (Now that’s some awesome alliteration. HA! I just can’t stop myself)
 All I did is use 2 cans of Flat Krylon black spray paint, and get to work. I sprayed and sprayed until I could see sounds and hear colors,  and VOILA! It was magic. Halloween magic. I simply draped some old Halloween garland and let it be. I promise, it will have a much more “grand” appearance next year, cause as soon as November 1st hits…I’m going to get all Coupon lady at Hobby Lobby, and scoop up some discount tree trimmins’.

My favorite part of the tree is underneath. What do you put underneath a Christmas tree? Presents of course! So what do you put underneath a Halloween tree?? NATURALLY pumpkins and skulls! Helloooo this is the most spooktacular time of year.

  I really encourage you to grab yourself a can of spray paint…and transform any item in your home. Its amazing what it can do! I am thinking about picking up a package of those little plastic spiders, and chroming em out with some metallic paint. I really like to “glam up” my spooky specials…don’t you??
  Thank you for letting me share with you today, I hope you will stop by Absolutely Arkansas some time, and make yourself at home! (But not too much at home…my bed is only big enough for the 2 of us ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Marc's Mama" Check out this blog!

Hello friends!

With some recent changes in our lives, I just have not had time to be crafty.
So I decided to do something a little different.

I am going to feature some of my favorite blogs!
There are so many amazing and talented ladies (and men) 
out there that could always use a good shot out!

So for my very first feature, I want to introduce you to

My Photo

This is my sweet friend, Christine, who I have known for like 15 years now!
She recently started blogging and I have been so grateful to her for it.
You see, I am "domestically challenged" 
so she blogs her amazing recipes for me and the rest of the world to use!

I can't tell you how useful her blog has been for me.
Instead of having to bug her and ask her for recipes and instructions, 
I can just pull up her blog and I have everything I need.

So check out Marc's Mama today!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kiss the Cook!

Hello friends!

I got the cutest little kitchen helper at Kirkland's and want to share it with you!

It is a "Kiss the Cook" spatula and it perfectly matches our other kitchen utensils.
Cute enough, right?

But wait there's more....

Check out the back side!

This is perfect for a "Domestically Challenged" person such as myself. 

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