Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Absolutely have to check out this guest post from ABSOLUTELY ARKANSAS!

Hello Friends of Deep in the Heart of Arkansas!
   My name is Kylie, and you can read my blog “Absolutely Arkansas” at      

2 Arkansas bloggers...who woulda thunk it!
Over at Absolutely Arkansas we are doing Halloween week,
so I am here to share with you some of my favorite craftiness ;)

 People, hear me. There are few in this world that love the “Ers” as much as me. (September-December) I have a countdown come January 1st, to prepare for the next season. I am not even kidding you! My cheerfulness rivals buddy the elf and my love for fun Holiday décor sometimes can take over my life.
 When I was 18, I moved out of my parent’s house and into a TINY studio apartment. My 1st Christmas rolled around and I needed a TINY tree. So I bought a little 4 footer and absolutely loved it.
 We then upgraded, and for the past few years have had 2 trees.
 This Halloween rolled around, and while I was in the Attic fighting off mice, and kicking the tale of any dust myte that looked my way, I had a light bulb moment. I am going to make a “HALLOWEEN TREE!”. I mean Christmas trees are the best part of Christmas right? Why the heck not make a Halloween tree to pose as the fabulous focal point in your Halloween home. (Now that’s some awesome alliteration. HA! I just can’t stop myself)
 All I did is use 2 cans of Flat Krylon black spray paint, and get to work. I sprayed and sprayed until I could see sounds and hear colors,  and VOILA! It was magic. Halloween magic. I simply draped some old Halloween garland and let it be. I promise, it will have a much more “grand” appearance next year, cause as soon as November 1st hits…I’m going to get all Coupon lady at Hobby Lobby, and scoop up some discount tree trimmins’.

My favorite part of the tree is underneath. What do you put underneath a Christmas tree? Presents of course! So what do you put underneath a Halloween tree?? NATURALLY pumpkins and skulls! Helloooo this is the most spooktacular time of year.

  I really encourage you to grab yourself a can of spray paint…and transform any item in your home. Its amazing what it can do! I am thinking about picking up a package of those little plastic spiders, and chroming em out with some metallic paint. I really like to “glam up” my spooky specials…don’t you??
  Thank you for letting me share with you today, I hope you will stop by Absolutely Arkansas some time, and make yourself at home! (But not too much at home…my bed is only big enough for the 2 of us ;)


  1. I have a halloween tree also! Love the skulls

  2. Thank you for linking up to our Pretty Things Party! Hope you'll be back next week!

  3. Cool, I love decorating for Halloween! I'm so ready! What a way to recycle your lil tree!

    1. By the way stopped in from Kathe With an E!


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