Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Hello friends!

I am sharing projects I did last Father's Day
 because honestly, how can you top these?

Father's Day Tie Wreath and Golf Wreath
My favorite projects ever!

Here is the tutorial for the tie wreath:
I originally found this idea on Be Different, Act Norma

First gather up 19 ties
 If you are not a good hunter, this project can get expensive!
 Luckily, I was referred to an awesome thrift store 
where I was able to get ties from 25 cents to 50 cents! 
So this whole project was under $10 for both the ties and the 16 inchwire wreath. 

First, you have to cut 18 of your 19 ties.
 (Pick the most appropriate one to serve as your bow. 
I had a cute red polka dot one that was perfect!) 
You measure 15 inches up from the bottom point of the tie and cut straight across. 

Wrap the tie around the wire wreath until you get the desired length.
 I think I wrapped it around two and a half times. 

 Hot glue to secure but only glue on the last wrap around, 
so you can still slide the ties around. 

Continue working your way around 
and be sure to have your ties pre arranged 
so you can spread out the colors and designs.

Here is a better example of when to put the hot glue.

Woohoo! Now it just needs a bow!

I just wrapped the tie around to get the look I wanted and then hot glued it on. 
Isn't this tie perfect for a bow?

Love it!

Now onto the golf wreath!

I knew I wanted to make a golf wreath and googled and googled and couldn't find anything.
 So this is my own creation!
 I had the crazy idea to run to Home Depot and get some AstroTurf. 
I had some golf balls and asked my hubby to cut them in half. 
Not as easy as we thought so he found some light plastic practice balls and cut them in half.
 I hot glued them down along with some tees. 
I made little flags from tooth picks and felt.
 I made this bow from the cutest golf-y tartan ribbon! 
I asked my hubs to bring me a score card from their favorite golf course. 
He wrote in his dad and his brothers names and gave them all fake scores. 
You can just imagine how amazing his golf game was according to this score card :)

The Astro Turf I bought was the cheapest one they had
 and was pretty flimsy so I used a wreath form to give it some stability.

I liked the Golf Wreath SOOO stinkin much that I made one for us to keep. 
I used a grapevine wreath and glued down the whole golf balls this time.
This one is still waiting for it's score card. 
I was lucky enough to find wired ribbon that was still the lovely golf-y tartan so I much prefer this bow!

Happy Father's Day! Especially to the dads who didn't have to be!


  1. Very cute projects! Really creative!

    xoxo -Shar

  2. I love the Tie Wreath and will definately be pinning! Did you do anything to make the ends stiff so they would stay up? (Especially the ones on the top!)
    Shara @ Palmettos and Pigtails

    1. I did...hotglue! Here is the full tutorial

      It has been hanging up in my craft room for the past year and is still perfect

  3. These are so fun! I would love for you to link this to my Sunday Slice party.


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