Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day decor from Dollar Tree

Better late than never, right? :) Hello again EIGHTY TWO followers! Here are some quick St. Patrick's Day decorations I made using materials from the Dollar Tree. 

(Seriously, I highly recommend shopping their for your crafting needs! Here in Little Rock we have a Dollar Tree right next to Michael's and around the corner from Hobby Lobby. They must think I am crazy because I go to Dollar Tree to see what they have, then to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to get inspiration, and then back to Dollar Tree to buy the supplies I need. Often times I will see that Dollar Tree has the EXACT same things as Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Did I mention that everything at Dollar Tree is ONE dollar?!!)

Ok, back at the ranch...St. Patrick's Day decor
I made this wreath using a pack of shamrocks that came in 4 colors. Just hot glued it onto a mini wreath form!

These shamrocks came in a pack of 8. I used them all over the house. The little wooden shamrocks are from a broken wreath from Target. I asked the cashier if I could buy all of the broken pieces for a quarter and he said yes!

I originally used the green and gold beads and made a swag for the scrolly thing over the TV. After living with it for a week, I scratched the idea :)

I moved the shamrocks onto the Amaryllis pots. 

Here is another identical wreath I made. I tied a red ribbon to hand it. It looked so pretty!

I used a shamrock wire garland around the candles to make a candle wreath. Later I pulled the shamrocks off the wire garland and sprinkled them around the candle.

These large felt shamrocks were a buck. I especially love them because they are swirly! :)

The inside of the house was looking purdy, so I wanted to make a wreath for the door.
A co worker bought two straw wreaths for me for only 50 cents each! I painted it green with craft paint. (Next year I am going to wrap them in ribbon instead)

Love this fun shamrock!

They had several different sayings. Can you believe this was a buck? At Hobby Lobby it would easily be 10 bucks!

I hot glued the shamrock and then the sign, and voila! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day from a part, part, part, Irish girl :)


  1. I am PRAYING! That there is a dollar tree near us when we move. I am a FREQUENT dollar tree shopper, (we are even going there tomorrow to STOCK up before we move...just to be on the safe side) I hope I hope! It gives me a little hope knowing there are at least dollar tree's IN Arkansas!


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