Sunday, December 11, 2011


So we got an (unwelcome) surprise! SNOW. On Monday, December 5th it started. We thought it was a fluke so we went to sleep. What a *nice* surprise to wake up the next morning to THREE INCHES of snow. 

Looks so cool over Christmas lights!!!

My poor hydrangeas! I know they will make it but it is nerve wracking! 

The snow compacts this Jasmine vine down a foot!

Gracie, being Gracie! She always shoves her head down to see what is going on under the snow. Lab thing?

Yeah, these didn't make it :(

(Sorry for the negativity. Snow was fun the first few times it happened and when I had nowhere to be but home. But now that I have a 45 minute commute over hilly terrain, I hate snow. Snow=ice. Ice on roads=the most terrifying thing ever.)

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