Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Christmas stuff

Gracie has been such a good girl recently so Santa came to visit her a little early! 
She didn't know what to do with this huge bone! She carries it around but has yet to chew on it. 

I am trying so hard not to buy any new Christmas stuff. But...when you see a deal you just can't pass it up!
I found these beautiful ornaments for 75 cents! They are so pretty in person. Sparkly but vintage, love it!

This is one my mom passed to me. It is circa 1990 :)

But of course...we need my favorite thing "When Pigs Fly" :) Those are some chili peppers from my mom. She loves to find me "Texas" themed stuff!

Perhaps my new favorite! This felt cardinal is from Khol's. I LOVE him!

An ornament a good friend gave me about 10 years ago and a new find!

One of my Jim Shore ornaments that I got 80% off! I can't find the others. Tear ;(

Some of my faves. A cardinal clip on, a pine cone with some berries, and a sleigh I found for 38 cents!

Our little logo :)

These were 75 cents too!

All of my supplies for my upcoming Christmas treats!

Since my hubby agreed to an artifical tree I found some "Pine" candles to help make up the difference. It was so hard to find plain "pine". Everyone sells all sorts of weird hybrid scents but no traditional pine! Good ol' Walmart came through for us. It was $3.97 and smells amazing!

Have a great week!


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