Monday, December 12, 2011

One treat done, several to go!

I have several projects lined up this week so I decided to get started! First up...MICE! Ahhh! It's ok, they are just sweet Christmas mice.

Chocolate covered maraschino cherry, almond ears, chocolate chip face, and gel icing eyes!

I made TONS! Once I get in the groove, I knocked them out pretty fast.

 We got a surprise package when we got home tonight. My brother sent us a Keurig! My husband has been wanting one for a while now, but this was a total surprise. I don't drink coffee so my husband is going to get me all of those other fun drinks that this baby makes.
My bday is in a few weeks and my sweet, sweet Papa (grandpa) sent me a birthday check. I did him proud and bought a power tool. Meet my new jigsaw :)
Oh, I just can't wait to break her in!!!


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