Wednesday, August 31, 2011

State Fair!

♫  I want a big red nose I want some floppy shoes, I want a squirty flower squirt it on you  ♫ 
Little CCR reference there for you TX country fans
 So anyways, FINALLY the end of this scorching, 115 degree, record setting, hottest summer ever is almost here. That means two things here in Arkansas 1) Razorback games and 2) the State Fair. I will post about reason 1 later but right now, it is all about the state fair!

In Corpus Christi, Texas, we do not have "fairs" we have festivals down on the bayfront. They are one of my favorite things about our hometown and the whole community comes out. They have amazing live music, food, attractions, and that amazing breeze we miss so much!

I was so excited to go to the state fair when we moved here. I can happily say it was all that I was hoping for. Lots of animals, crafts, rides, and food. A good thing about living in a smaller state is that the whole state rallies behind things. In Texas, someone would have to litterally drive for over a day from most parts of the state to get to the Texas State Fair. In Arkansas, it takes about two hours from anywhere in the state, to get to Little Rock. So the state fair here is a big deal and everyone gets involved. The week of the fair the local news showcases something unique that is new that year. Our first year here I saw a segment about Roast beef Sundaes...say what?

Here is how you do it...
-Mashed potatoes
-whatever meat you prefer (pot roast, beef, chicken, or make it vegetarian!) 
-brown gravy
-cheddar cheese
-french friend onions
-cherry tomatoes

In a bowl, place scoops of mashed potatoes to get the desired look. Then drizzle your gravy and meat over the potatoes. Then add your toppings (cheese, french fried onions, or whatever else sounds yummy). Finish with a cherry tomato on top! SO CUTE!

We started an April Fool's Family Tradition where we will make an April Fool's meal! This is perfect as it looks like dessert but is a hearty and savory dinner!

Oh and PS: Guess what the new state fair food is this year? FRIED BUTTER. yikes!

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