Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally some craftiness!

I was looking for a fun Sunday afternoon project and stumbled upon this... 

Since it was Sunday, Hobby Lobby was closed. So I stopped by the Dollar Tree to see what I could find. They had felt (albeit THIN) for a buck. It comes in multi color only, so this will be a bright and colorful flower. I thought since I was making a sunflower, I should use sunflower seeds for the center. (and they just so happen to sell those at the Dollar Tree. score!) I bought a hard plastic plate for the backing. It was bigger and sturdier than the instructions called for so mine looks a tad different. But I love it! I will be making this again as a traditional sunflower and as a Christmas poinsettia. 

I drilled a hole in the plate with my new found Drimmel tool skills! I tied a length of twine to hang it from and gave it to my MIL.

Here is what I did with the left over deco poly mesh and a grapevine wreath from the Dollar Tree. I am waiting until Fourth of July stuff goes on clearance cheap enough and I am going to suspend something in the middle, I think...

I re did our name on this sign. It was such a pain! I did it the first time a tad off center and I knew it would drive me crazy so I tried everything to take off the paint. I finally had luck with nail polish remover. I re did it using a stencil and a paint pen. (Paint pens instantly remind me of high school drill team. So much fun!) You can see how splotchy the chalkboard has become over time. I think it is over spray from cleaning the counters. Oh well. I love it!

This baby is what I used to refine my Drimmel tool skills on. Well kind of. My hubby did 99.9% of this. I touched up a few areas and drilled holes to run twine to hang it with. Isn't it so cute? I love the meaning behind "When Pigs Fly"! If I EVER got a tattoo, I would want this cute little guy.

Here is a sneak peak of my upcoming project...any guesses?? :)

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