Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milk glass-aholic?

I have had some awesome luck recently on my treasure hunts. I have been able to find some great deals on some Fire King Milk glass. I have broadened my horizons just a bit when it comes to milk glass. We have opened our home to other beauties besides Fenton Hobnail. 

I really, really wanted to plant some real succulents in these Fire King vases. I went to Michael's and got some very real looking artificial succulents. Bonus- They were on clearance, and the manager gave me half off of that price because one was missing a leaf! 
I have done tons of googling and  have determined that we are in dire need of a diamond tipped bit (to cut some draining holes). This is a win win situation. Me: babe, can we go to Home Depot this weekend? You need a new tool! Hubs: Let's go NOW! :) So we will see how this works...

Here is how my hutch is arranged. Well this picture was actually taken a few weeks ago and I have had the opportunity to add some more pieces since then! 
See the white teapot on the bottom shelf? Guess what that Black Damask print is. It is the same vinyl decal that I put on the knife block! I had to cut it a bit to make it stick to a round surface. It looks amazing!

I found this Iron stone vase for $3. I plan to use it for flower arrangements! I love the shape.

Interesting little detail!

FINALLY I have found an elusive Blue Mason jar!!!!!!!! I got it at the "Memphis Flea Market" that is not held in Memphis as the name suggests. It is a vendor show that is in a small town north of Little Rock every so often. I also scored three new Fire King vases over the past few weeks. 


  1. NIce, I also collect milk glass and cobalt blue glass. Last year I found (for $10.00) a milk glass punch bowl and matching cups at a garage sale. It is beautiful!

    I have LOTS of blue mason jars, pints, quarts and half gallons. I used to find them all the time at yard sales, now they are kind of rare. I love how you have your glass displayed.


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