Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living Room tour

This vignette is so special to me. The secretaries desk is an antique from my great grandmother (or is it great-great? I can't ever remember!) The picture frame has pressed roses from our wedding. (I took a rose to Home Depot and had them color match our paint. Our paint is called "Pumpkin Butter" but is actually a really warm and lovely golden yellow. )

I just found this amazing little frame, vase, and wax warmer thingamabobber. (Scentsy here I come!) Right now I am into unpolished silver as I think it looks like mercury glass! Just plop in a fresh rose from the garden and voila!

I found these three boxes at a new market here. I LOVE them!!! They fit perfect under the tv console and secretaries desk!

Here is a quick picture of our living room. SO COMFY!!! My next project is new lampshades! To create or to buy? That is the question!

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