Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picture Overload

It is a beautiful day outside so I just had to snap some pictures :) We are enjoying what will hopefully be our last year here.
 This Magnolia, Honeysuckle, and Boxhead tree is HUGE. Maybe about 30 x 50 ft and at least 50 ft tall.
 Bloom baby, bloom! I LOVE Magnolias! 
 Boxhead. So pretty but it drives me allergies crazy!
 Honeysuckle! Smells aaaaaaamazing!
 Gracie, along for a walk
 Some pink and red Honeysuckle
 This was hard to get a picture of. You can actually walk into the canopy of the tree. I would love to be a kid and make this like a tree house. It is fun to get inside of there and look up!

 Woodpeckers were here
 You can see why we have concern for tornadoes!!! 

 Pecan tree 

We planted a small Jasmine plant a few years ago and it has taken off. Please don't mind the overgrown grass. It has been raining like crazy!

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