Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Springs Bath House Row

Hello again! 
I want to share some awesome pictures with you from a recent trip to 
Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We love this funky little town and in fact, we got married there. 
One of the coolest things about Hot Springs are the
 actual HOT SPRINGS that flow into the city! 

Back in the day, people came from all around the world 
to bathe in the natural hot springs. 
Many people believe that these waters healed the body as well as the soul. 
So here is a little tour of some of the historical bath houses.

The entire area is now a National Park and is federally protected. 

Beautiful art and sculptures are prevalent through the area. 
In fact on the opposite side of the street are tons of art galleries.

I love the symmetry of the architecture. 

The grounds are IMMACULATE and lush!

The Fordyce Bath House has been turned into a museum.
 It is completely set up with antiques that were actually used during the 1920s.
 It is really a neat and unique experience.

Inside these buildings are amazingly ornate features such as
 tile mosaics and stained glass pieces.

There are several fountains throughout the area.
 I couldn't get a great pic with my iPhone 
but it is neat to see the steam coming from the water 
as the fountains are fed from the natural hot springs.

This is the historic Arlington Hotel. 
We stayed on the 7th floor and had an amazing view
 of the city and surrounding mountains. 

Several of the old hotels have been turned into condominiums. 
Hubby and I thought about buying the top few floors when we win the lotto :)

The entire street is lined with beautiful magnolias. 
Can you believe how CLEAN this city is?!!

The city has several water stations set up straight off the hot springs. 
It was funny to see all of the locals lined up to get all of their water jugs filled!

If you are looking for a fun and quirky vacation spot come visit Hot Springs, Arkansas!


  1. How beautiful! My hubby and I just purchased some equipment from Hot Springs and we (stupidly) decided to allow them to deliver it instead of picking it up. Now I see what I missed:( We are also Texans but living in New Mexico at this time. But I do have family in Arkansas. (Sorry, just random facts) But anyway, I am visiting from Sasse Life and am following you. I would love for you to link any of your posts to my first ever Blog Hop! Hope to see ya there!

  2. Beautiful little town - been there many times. I lived my first 38 years in Arkansas *just outside of Conway - now living in Texas. Arkansas bred - Texas wed.

    New follower - hope to see you at my blog following!

  3. Found you on Sunday Social! The mister brought up going here this week! Maybe we will!

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