Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Editorial Sidenote from the Hubs

So, I've been watching Whale Wars...
And the common sense advocate that I am has decided to pen a letter to the Sea Shepherds....
And I figured, if I posted it on here, Maybe I could enlist some of the followers of this site to help me in my campaign for common sense, and just maybe, we, united, could have a voice towards making common sense a little more common in this world.  I know that y'all have it, because looking through the blog posts on here, y'all are using it everyday to save money, reduce waste, and make the world prettier and better, one project at a time.  So maybe y'all will help me.  Read the letter, and if you like it, send it on to them as well.  Post a comment.  If our voice becomes strong enough, we can take on all of the instances of extremism, stupidity, and waste out there.  Who knows, maybe the next step will be our government???  Maybe y'all can help me fight waste and stupidity in the government, and all from a little blog.  Makes me hope y'all will help me!!!

Here's the letter...

An Open letter to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and all others for that matter…

Hello, my name is Guy Johnson, and I am a nursing student, a carnivore, and a rabid animal lover.  I just finished watching the first episode of Whale Wars: Viking Shores, and felt compelled to write this letter as an appeal to all out there who share the same common sense that I espouse. 
This episode tends to cast a very negative light on the people who are doing this act as a form of subsistence, much the same as a documentary on the slaughterhouses would make anyone think that the dispatching of beefstock was cruel and thoughtless.  Documentary television is far from unbiased.  One should always strive to see both sides of the story. 
Nevertheless, after having done some thinking and researching, I have come up with a few ideas that may help both the cause of the conservationists, as well as those who are looking to do bona fide research into the life cycle and biology of cetaceans. 
1.        First off, lets have a true study of the numbers and types of whales in the world.  I propose a great worldwide whale count, linking the scientific community of cetacean researchers with the ecotourism providers, mariners, and all interested parties to endeavor to count the whales in the oceans to the best of our ability. 
2.       While counting the whales, lets initiate a 10 year moratorium on the killing of whales.  One cannot truly be able to figure the amount of resources available while taking the resources away, can they?  Can you say that you have 10 oranges, even though you have taken 2 to eat?
3.       When the world has a better idea of the whales that are out there, then start a sustainable harvest program, monitored by all the nations equally, that will allow for the sustainable harvest of a product without harming the ecosystem.
You may say “Killing Whales!!!  No!!!  That’s murder of a sentient being, there’s no need to use them for meat, there’s other ways!!!”  Well, simply put, humans are omnivores.  Our bodies are designed to use many sources of fuel, one of which is meat.  We have the dentition, evolution has made us this way.  It is very difficult to maintain the human body without a source of heavy protein, and the only proven, easy, and least harmful, eco-friendly way to do so is with meat.  A sustainable ocean fishery, both with fish and mammals, is technologically within our grasp, if only we could work together towards it, instead of at cross purposes. 
I guess that’s where I’m going with this letter.  Lets all try to work towards a dialogue together with those who we may disagree with on the surface.  Lets all try to approach things from the same plane, that of all being humans stuck in the savage garden.  Instead of trying to force our way of thought onto another culture by force, subterfuge, or terrorism, lets attempt to talk first.  Education is the key.  And lets not forget that sometimes, honey draws more flies and vinegar…  Just sayin…

Guy C Johnson, global common sense advocate


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