Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life lessons

Today I want to share something special with you. I follow Maria over at Raising 4 Princesses and she shared this beautiful story. I have been thinking about it all day. I hope you will visit her and read her entire story. Here is some of it...

Today, I laid 2 beautiful red roses in the center of the concrete table.  The girls "ohh and ahhed" over them.  We admired them throughout the meeting, enjoying their faint scent floating on the breeze.  

After we finished our worksheets, I gently picked up one of the roses, held it to my nose and {dramatically} breathed deep.  "Doesn't a rose just smell heavenly?"  We passed that rose around the table.  Each girl held it to her nose, smelling the red rose.  

Next, I rubbed one of the outside petals between my fingers.  "Don't they feel so soft and velvety?"  Each girl had a chance to rub the rose between her fingers and against her cheek.

The rose made 2 more circles around the table, letting each girl enjoy it's beauty.  After much delicate abuse the petals were droopy and several fell out.  I laid the well-used rose back in the center of our circle, beside the untouched one.  "Now, if you could take one of these roses home with you, which rose would you choose?"  Each girl said the perfect looking, untouched one.
"Today, you are young, beautiful, pure...just like this fresh rose."  I went on to describe in detail how not to turn out like the droopy rose.  

"When Prince Charming comes charging over the hill on his white steed, which "rose" do you think he'd choose?"

Thank you Maria. Thank you for empowering young women. I am going to continue to share this story!


  1. thanks so much for the mention. It's such a beautiful lesson and my prayer is that it will continue to speak to young girls. Have a lovely day, Maria

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