Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random $3.75 craft!

So I ran up to Dollar General to grab some tape and found this framed print on clearance for $3.
 Pretty picture but that is not what I was interested in, I wanted the frame. As soon as I saw it I started brainstorming what I can do with it. I thought about all of the pictures I have on my fridge and how sloppy it looked. I looked for cute magnets so maybe I can align them within the frame on the fridge, but no such luck. Then I thought about making "clothes lines" to hang pictures from. I knew I had twine so I picked up some bulldog clips that were also on the clearance isle for 75 cents. And voila! 

I love it! This craft cost my $3.75 and took about 5 minutes to do. Now I have a stylish way to display pictures :)


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