Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween crafts!

I need to clean and do laundry. So what do you think I have been doing on my day off? Crafting, of course! :) I have had my fall decor out since the first of September. It is now time to break out the Halloween goodies. I got everything I used on clearance last year or at Dollar Tree.

I LOVE the way these turned out. When I got out my tub of supplies I laughed when I saw the neon green wreath forms. I forgot I bought them and thought why on earth did I buy bright green ones??? They sell for $10 if you can even find them and I got them on clearance for $2. When all was said and done, I actually liked the pop of color!

I also got rolls of black, orange, and black with orange stripes for $2 last year. I got the spider webs and spiders at Dollar Tree. So cute!!!

Hello, spider!

These are SO sparkly in person.

I made three Halloween wreaths today. I wish I had more work wreaths because these could also work for Christmas! So I am officially on the hunt for some new ones.

Since we are on a spider roll, I found these inflatable ones at Dollar Tree. I hung them from some spiderweb ribbon and will use them somewhere on the porch. 

I just got this at Hobby Lobby for 66% off because the "Welcome" part was upside down! It had been there for about a month and I was so surprised it was still there. I thought for sure someone would have realized they could have this $20 sign at a discount and fix it themselves. But since no one did, I simply asked the cashier and they gave me the discount. 

I untwisted the wire and turned the "Welcome" the right way. I hot glued the wire to the back to keep it upright. 

I was at Saver's last month and stumbled upon the flag section. I got this sweet flag for $1.99!!! I cut a "Happy Halloween" Dollar Tree sign into separate pieces and used E6000 to attach it. 


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  2. This is so fun, perfect for a stylish Halloween party!


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