Saturday, October 15, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I was SO excited to get to work on this craft. I had seen this gorgeous wreath last winter and bookmarked it for this fall.

ruffle wreath
Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!! I had THE hardest time finding burlap. Hobby Lobby told me that they completely sell out within 2 hours of their shipments. I went early on a Saturday morning and got the only colors they had left which were "oyster" (a light cream) and dark brown. 

So I finally started this craft and let me tell you, it did not turn out so pretty. First, I had trouble with my string. I would get a nice ruffle going but my string would break. So I had some sisal (like twine but more cream colored) and thought I should try it to stitch through my burlap. It worked great! However, my ruffles were less then impressive when all was said and done. If I ever make another one, I need to make my stitches closer together. 

So here she is...

I made some rosettes out of scraps from this project.

Overall, I am pleased and I think she is a nice addition to my fall crafts :)

PS: Don't you LOVE our wall color. It is awesome!


  1. What a beautiful wreath!

  2. Beautiful wreath! I love it, it looks great the way that it is, just kind of rustic, which is a great look for burlap.
    Hugs, cindy

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