Saturday, September 24, 2011

Milk glass tour

I added three new pieces to my collection today. I got some amazing deals on pieces I really wanted and have been admiring for some time! Yay! :)

This is Vladimir, our new "pet". I have always wanted a Venus fly trap!!! My hubby killed a fly and we fed it to Vlad. I am not sure if you are supposed to do that but he ate him! Of course since he is in OUR family, he add to live in a milk glass vase :)

Got this today. So now I need to be on the hunt for a matching goblet! The damask pieces are from Hobby Lobby.

This piece is huge and I adore it!

My new candy dish that I have seen for almost 100 bucks at other places! I have been admiring this piece for quite some time so I was so excited when I found it for a steal!

I actually got started collecting because of my 4 step sisters. Each sister has a specific color of carnival glass that she collects and I have fond memories of going antiquing with my parents to find pieces for them. One collects milk glass and she has most beautiful shabby chic home ever. She told me to put candles in them as they glow so pretty!

There are just sitting there because I don't know where to put them. I only collect Fenton Hobnail Milk glass. I limited myself so that I don't wind up a hoarder :) I want to use these as planters. I am not sure what pattern this is.


  1. I came to see your milk glass pieces because I also love it. My Grandmother gave me some of her collection and I have added a few pieces. I don't know what attracts me to the hobnail design but I think it is lovely. You have some very nice pieces and use them in ways that make your collection use, too. That is smart. Come visit me sometime, I like meeting bloggers. -Shannon

  2. Hi! I saw your lovely post on your hobnail milk glass over at the party at "The Polo House". I love all of your pieces. I tried imitating milk glass for a magazine copy cat challenge this past summer via spray painting but now that I see what REAL milkglass looks like up close, I realize mine is pretty weak looking.

  3. Ohhhh! Such pretty pieces!

    Love your hobnail collection but cannot help you with the unidentified pieces and their pattern's name, but there IS a fabulous, sweet and extremely knowledgeable blogger you can ask, and HE will know!

    Go visit my dear friend Richard at

    Tell him I sent you and invite him to stop by here and visit your blog so he can see the pieces. He is awesome and he will know, as an antique dealer, what they are!

    Thanks again for linking up!
    So thrilled you did!


  4. What a pretty collection. Milk glass is always nice to have and use. I am partying right after you at the polohouse. Lori

  5. Oops right before you, my little white creamers.

  6. Great collection! I have always admired hobnail pieces. Would love to start a collection but I don't have any room to display them. Enjoyed looking at yours though!

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