Saturday, September 24, 2011

*&@#^&^#@*#& Caterpillars!!!!!!!

My poor herbs were literally destroyed within 24 hours. I water them every other day and monitor the leaves for any signs of pests. I was beaming with pride at how well my herbs have been doing. You see, I have had a BLACK thumb my entire life. Recently, I tried again and grew all of these herbs from SEEDS and they thrived. I was THRILLED. So I have given them all TLC and then I saw the destruction. Broke my heart! I have treated them with appropriate pesticides but found a new caterpillar tonight :( But here is what my herbs look like now after I picked off all of the damaged leaves.

Thai basil. Wanted to be cool and grow to the side. I have tried to realign it and have seen NO changes. It smells amazing!

Strawberries!!! These babies have grown SO much. I can't remember what the off shoot things are called but we have several of those. I think we are going to get lots of berries next season!

Bell peppers and Jalapenos. We planted them together because I wasn't sure which little sprout was which. So our bell peppers are going to be a little spicy :) I can live with that! Don't you love those metal crate things I found?!! I am searching for bigger planters to fit them.

Two bell peppers!

Two types of basil. The basil on the left ( I can't remember what it is called! It is late, sorry!) suffered the worst damage. It is so scragly now :( The one on the right has been cut in half from all the damage but still has tons of leaves. Oh and Emme wanted to say hi again!

So pretty! 

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