Saturday, May 14, 2011

Upcoming projects

Hello again! I am not quite sure the proper way to do this but I am going to attempt to show you some of my upcoming projects. I found them from some blogs I follow and I am hoping I can "link" them like you are supposed to!

Ok, so I am trying to decorate for each holiday but this once has stumped me so far...FATHER'S DAY! How do you decorate for that?? I found out thanks to the Father's Day Wreath from the lovely lady at Be Different, Act Normal. 

I had THE hardest time finding ties. I immediately went to Goodwill where the ties were $2 each. You need 19 ties so I don't think so. Next, I went to Saver's and the ties were $3.99 each! Yikes! I was about to give up when a coworker suggested a thrift store in the town I work in. Ties were 25 and 50 cents! WOOHOO! So funny that my Tie Wreath will have Yves St Laurent and Oscar De La Renta ties from a thrift store!

Next is this ADORABLE travel map. I have always loved travel and exploration and eventually planned on getting one of those really nice maps that come with the tiny little pins to mark where you have been. Then I found this! From the lady at CRAFT: C.R.A.F.T.: C.R.A.F.T. #78: Interactive Travel Map

I want to do a "Magellan" theme for our hopefully one day little boy nursery! I want to do a whole wall mural of a world map. So this fun map will be perfect!

How adorable are these yarn wreaths??
The tutorial is SUPER simple. You literally wrap yarn around a wreath form. For the flowers, you cut a spiral from felt and then roll it up! When I actually get around to this, I will post a tutorial! (which will hopefully not be for awhile as I am applying for a part time job at a really fun place. So yes, I will have TWO jobs!)

and CHECK THIS OUT from my sweet friend Sharla! She has become the worst influence on me because she gets me SO INSPIRED to create!!!

I have one more project to show you, but I almost did something horrible! I almost shared a surprise gift for someone! So that one will have to wait a while. But I promise, it will be worth the wait. One involves doilies! :)

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