Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making a cave!

Yup, I am trying to make a cave! Since Spring disappeared and we jumped to Summer, I need to do something about this heat!

 I have been looking for valances for months but could not find anything. I had been researching other ideas and decided to attempt to make Roman shades. However, I do not know how to sew! There are plenty of awesome No Sew Roman shades tutorials so I decided to give it a try.

I bought the same curtains we have in the living room since I love them so much and they are affordable. I was going to follow the tutorial but the curtain panels are too wide. (My mom is coming to visit this summer so I have already let her know I have projects for her to do :) )

I went ahead and put them up just to see and I think I am going to keep them up! 

I know it is kind of risky because they are an inch shy of touching the counter tops. So I bought some tie backs to secure them out of the way when we are working in the kitchen. 

They are washable and worst case scenario, we can hem the bottom when we make the roman shades!

It looks so pretty and blocks out that strong afternoon sun!

I also put one on the other window. 

They look so nice with our new rug! The whole room is so pulled together!


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