Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Turning Christmas decor into winter decor

Hello again! I am going to be slammed at work the next few weeks so I took advantage of this long weekend.  Before we get into crafting, here is the lovely view I woke up to this morning.

She NEVER does that with me! I'm jealous :)

I found these mercury glass candle holders at Kirklands last week.
 I ended up using clippings from a Christmas tree and tucked them around the candles and then sprinkled some mini ornaments around them. It looked SO pretty!

I LOVE these!

So now that Christmas has officially passed, I am changing over to "winter" decor. We will still be in winter for the next three months. Much different then my South Texas upbringing where it is beach weather by spring break! This has opened up a whole new world of decor to me.

I replaced the holy with fresh clippings from a Christmas tree and stuck in a few pine cones. I also changed out the red candles to white.

I love this scrolly thing and I have been able to achieve the looks I was going for when I spent a whole TWO bucks on it :) Success!

I moved the mercury glass candle holders to the secretaries desk and replaced the ornaments with pine cones.

Self portrait :)

We are leaving the tree up until Epiphany but the rest of the Christmas decor is slowly coming down. 

In other news:
 One of the Christmas staples at my parents house is baked brie. I made my first one this year and it turned out excellent. 
I laid out a puff pastry sheet, set the brie in the center, topped it with raspberry preserves, wrapped it up and baked it. I topped it with more raspberry preserves once out of the oven.

I got this beautiful ornament at Hobby Lobby the day after Christmas for pennies. It is mercury glass with a black damask velvet decal. Lurve! Oh and I just had to pick up some sparkly cardinals!


  1. I am trying to turn Christmas decorations into winter decorations as we speak--like your idea of changing out the ornaments for greenery. That pastry thing looks delicious!

  2. Love your new ornaments and the greenery! I do winter decor, too... lots of snow here until April or May, so why not celebrate it ;) I have a snowman/snow theme.

  3. Wwe leave the evergreens and cones up outside until the dafs bloom Makes winter seem less dull Like what you did

  4. I took all the decorations off my artificial tree in the diningroom and put all my snowmen, skates, snowflakes etc on it for winter! Everything looks so bare when the Christmas decorations are gone that I save my snowmen and bring them out to decorate around on shelves etc for Jan and Feb! Happy New Year!

  5. I haven't take down my Christmas decoration I will do it this coming Jan.10, and would also let some of the decoration remain in its place and put some winter embellishment. ^_^

  6. Your mercury candles holders are lovely. I think they are perfect for the holiday and every day. Great vignettes and the Brie looks fabulous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

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