Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some new finds

I have come to sad realization that I need to stop shopping! Or buy a bigger home. :) I have been having the best luck on great finds recently.

I found these Kirklands candle sconces for 1.50!

These sunflowers were 1.50 at Kroger. I found this ginormous blue mason jar for 4.50. I have seen them for almost 20 everywhere else. I know this is super summery but I was excited to use them!

This beautiful bouquet was $3 at Kroger. It looks beautiful in my "mercury glass" vase

I love my camera! It takes really good pictures!!!



I got this HUGE wreath at Michaels. It was 69.99 but I paid 6.99. I could not pass it up. It is really pretty in person. Totally not our style so we will see what happens with this wreath :)


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