Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lunch Break shopping- Take 2

I had training in a city about an hour away this week. The morning session DRAGGED along because guess what I saw on my way there...GOODWILL! Woohoo! I swung by on my lunch break and found a few goodies.

This cute Fenton Hobnail vase is perfect to add to my collection. I have seen them ranging from 10 to 20 bucks and Goodwill wanted one dollar for it. SOLD.

I also found a GIANT hard plastic Easter egg for one dollar. Why would you buy an Easter egg in October, you ask? They make the BEST dog toys! They are so big and such a unique shape that it is hard for Gracie, our lab, to bite and destroy. (She destroys all her toys in a matter of seconds. Even the "un-destructible" ones) They sell them at Gardenridge for 6.99 and I will buy a few because they are THAT good. It is hilarious to watch Gracie chase it around the yard. She can't bite it and when she tries it flies out in front of her. Then she runs after it and tries again, and again, and again. Hours of fun for her and us :)

I also picked up this sad looking fall wreath that had a few holes. It was three dollars and still had a tag on it from Walmart for 19.99. When I was walking out I found these cute pumpkins that had no price tag. I offered a dollar for three of them and they said ok. So, here she is after some dusting, fluffing, and hot glue!

Love it! It is going on our door come November 1. I am loving fall this year and (I can not believe I am about to say this) I am not looking forward to taking it down to put up Christmas stuff. 

Oh, one complaint about fall this year, umm what happened to it Arkansas?? We went from 80s to 30s!!! We apparently skipped fall and went straight to winter. And remember, this girl is a Texan. A South Texan at that. We don't do cold! Pray for me!


  1. The wreath turned out great!! I was telling Marc about all your Goodwill finds and he was like, well lets go! :) Love you!

  2. Great wreath! I'm hosting a Fabulous Fall party over at Not So Simple Housewife and I'd love for you to link this up! We are celebrating Fall and giving me and everybody else some great inspiration. We are looking for crafts, decor, food, and more! I'd love for you to add this and any other fall posts you may have!

    Kaitlin-The Not So SImple Housewife


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