Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I have been up to lately

I had some store credit left over at a furniture store. What on earth can you get at a furniture store for 12 bucks? UGLY clearance picture frames! I had an idea for those ugly, ugly things. Bless their hearts they were bad, but again, no before picture. sigh. I removed the ugly red, orange, and brown circles and stripes that were there and made them picture frames, within a picture frame. I found some lovely scrapbook paper that matched our living room decor and mod podged it in. I am planning on putting some pretty black and white pictures in them!

This is our baby, Gracie. She has been a good girl and got a new toy, Gumby! How funny!

Some more Goodwill finds. The tissue holder and both swirly candle holders were a buck. I found these gorgeous vintage amber carnival glass sconces (50 cents) and turned them into candle holders. I hot glued a piece of our clear plastic cutting board to the bottom so the votives wouldnt leak out. (Speaking of, I got those Yankee votive candles from Target. 4.98 for a pack of 18. Yup, they sold them individually for 1.98 each but if you bought 18 they were only 4.98. mmm k? Needless to say, I bought the last two packs they had. Cranberry Chutney, our second favorite Yankee Candle scent!)

And on a sad note, the weather. I just saw a news brief that said the new death total for last weeks storms is over 300 people :( We made it through ok but that was the most scared I have ever been in my life. Our house is surrounded by HUGE trees that are very capable of smushing our house into the ground. The next morning I saw this, the house across the road from us. 

Wow. They were lucky, we were all so lucky. Every day we are so lucky to live another day.
 Life is so fleeting. Let us be good to one another! 

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