Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch break shopping spree!

So I work in a SMALL town. It even has an old school Main Street. Granted there is nothing on it except thrift stores and a few boutiques/makeup stores/antique dealers, you know the kind! I went to the shops on one side and found my ties for my Father's Day Wreath. Today I went to the shops on the other side and found a few things! I found an Arkansas shaped basket like this one for two bucks! I can't decide if I should make it red and Mod Podge some Razorback things on it or Mod Podge a map to the bottom. I also found a huge straw wreath to make my yarn wreath on for 50 cents! Time to get to work!

I also got a new banana stand. This is going to sound weird but the last one I had did not work! I swear! The hook was too close to the top and you could not fit bananas on it. Boy was I mad!! Gardenridge does not do exchanges without the receipt so I got to keep a defective banana stand. 
But it matches my kitchen decor perfectly don't ya think?

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