Saturday, April 16, 2011

$175 in my pocket!

So today we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get one of those Kapoosh knife blocks. We have been debating getting one for some time but finally decided to do it. We think (hope) this will be best for us because we have a hard time finding a complete knife block set we like. I take that back...We have found PLENTY of knife block sets we love, but we do not love the price!!! So this will allow us to get the individual knifes we want and still have them together in a block! $29.99 minus our 20% off coupon.

On our way back to the house we stopped at this home store called Austin's. Turns out is a "vendor mall" where there are individual booths that people rent to sell their goods. Too bad it is SUPER EXPENSIVE! It is all brand new stuff and cohesive throughout the shop, so I was surprised that it was different vendors!

So this brings me to the $175 we saved. I can not pass up a good thrift store so we had to stop next door at Savers. I found a cute little Milk Glass mirror (I will post about it later when I get it all cleaned up and purty!). We were about to leave when I spotted the furniture section. These darn blogs I follow get me TOO inspired sometimes. I just wanted to "look" and see what I could see. Outrageous prices for crappy pieces and then...

The desk was marked 9.99 and the chairs 2.99 each. When we went to pay the manager insisted that the desk and chairs were 9.99 together! Ok lady sheesh! :) The desk is in perfect condition but does not have knobs on the drawer. Which means YAY! I get to go shopping for new knobs! I love pretty knobs. Anthropologie here I come! (For inspiration only silly! Then I go find the same thing for only a few dollars some where else!) The chairs on the other hand...that will be another post! :)

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